Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do i stop my nails from splitting?

Last year i took off the acrylic off my nails after 4 years! long time, i know! They grew really long every time, but now that i have taken the acrylic off they grow to a certain length and then they start splitting from the edges. Help!!!How do i stop my nails from splitting?
I was going to tell you to put on acrylic nails, but my bad. Have you tried taking Knox gelatin? I know you can buy it in pretty much any grocery store. It is by the Jello, and it comes in capsules. I know this may sound trange but my nails were the strongest and the healthiest when I was taking pre-natal vitiams. If these dont work for you try asking the persont that done your nails for all those years. Maybe they have a better idea.How do i stop my nails from splitting?
cut them
Mine do that too!!! I don' know exactly why but they do. What I've found helpful is to file them every week and then buff them VERY well with ta file first going side to side then up and down. After that I use mineral strength nail caoting by Avon. this usually helps for a while then when they start peeling again then do it again. If you paint your nails then put the mineral strength on first then the paint then top coat. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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