Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My nails always split at the edges once they get to a certain length. Any suggestions to stop this?

It could be from allot of things, you may be filing them wrong, they could be dry, allot of things. I would go get a mani from some where and ask lots of questions. Without seeing your nails it's hard to determine whats wrong. If your hands are in water allot it could be that also. Allot of the time nails split from water getting in between the very tiny layers and it causes the layers to swell then when they dry it leaves small gaps, then they get wet again they swell then dry all the time making bigger splits. You can get a mani to have someone file and neaten them up for you then you can keep it up from there. Id get a cuticle and nail oil, rub it in at least once a day. It helps to waterproof the nail and keeps the cuticle lookin good this helps to strengthen the nail also. You can buy a nail strenghtener but don't over do it, they can make the nail dry and brittle if used too much. You want the nail hard but flexible also, if its too hard it will break instead of bend.My nails always split at the edges once they get to a certain length. Any suggestions to stop this?
mine too! keep getting ingrowing toe nails cos they are so weak. i can suggest a treatment called Loceryl. its quite expensive though i think. makes them strongerMy nails always split at the edges once they get to a certain length. Any suggestions to stop this?
Eat food with more Calcium...It helps...
nailk tek is the best product out there for this. It is sold in salons or nail salons. Follow directions for best results
Get someone else to do the washing up, this always works for me!
yes chop your fingers off
Try going to a place that sells nailpolish and look for this stuff. I cant remember what its called but you apply it like once a day ( and its clear) and it strengthens you nails so you can grow them longer.
We all have nails that are either hard or soft, thin, brittle, etc. Part of this is due to our environment and/or heredity. Keep them shorter and when you file them keep them square at the edges, not round. That will help keep them stronger for a bit longer. Also try using Neutrogena Nail Enhancer. It is not a polish but a vitamin enhanced strengthener. Easy to apply each day and keeps nails looking healthy. I find that polishes and removers dry out the nails and cuticles.
Use a clear nail polish and don't tap your nails on anything. But that stuff that they make for splitting, fraiglie, nails
brittle and weak nails could be the first signs of calcium deficiency

when your body doesnt get enough calcium from the foods you consume, this can happen.

drink milk everyday. have cheese and other calcium rich foods on regular basis.

you can also take calcium chews / tablems from boots or another pharmacy

good luck !
all you do is make sure you apply a base coat under your nail's it keeps them thicker and don't go tips firs at any thing that looks difficult to get at.
There is a wonderful product called Nail Envy, made by O.P.I. It's a nail strengthener. I use the ';original'; version, but there are different versions for different problems, like splitting. I get it at Trade Secrets here in our local mall. You can probably search for it and find it online also. You are supposed to apply it to your nail every day for 7 days, then take it off, then start over. It has really worked for me and for other people who I know who use it. Good Luck!


Here's a link where you can buy it at Amazon
Mine too, and I am afraid to say I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me, not even the 'Jello'. I think it is an hereditary thing as my mum's nails were just the same. So I keep them short and trim and they look just as nice as long nails as long as I keep them manicured properly.
keep them short, problem solved!
eat jello. I'm serious, my mom has been fighting this all her life, she's tried everything, and oddly enough, when she eats lots of jello as snacks, her fingernails come in stronger.
Eat more calcium, e.g. milk, cheese. You could also try putting some nail strengthener on them.
I have the same problem. I recently got ';Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails'; although I don't consider my nails to be that SEVERE of a problem. It's a clear coat, polish type product that I use every three days %26amp; seems to be working because I haven't had a crack or split since I started using it.
I have the same problem and I find that if I keep them filed to a good length the stay stronger. and i use nail strengtheners from Boots and drink milk.
i was using sally hanson nail hardener for a while, i found it really good. you can get it from boots or superdrug. its called hard as nails, about 拢4.
vital you need some zinc in your body and some natual oils
Clear nailpolish. Put two coats. After a week, take the nailpolish off and reapply the two coats again. It will keep your nails healthy and in good condition. Or you could put fake nails on. Broadway Nails were recommended to me, and I always use them, even my real nails look better and don't break as often. It prevents me from touching my nails or picking at them or anything. Good luck!
you might need a little calcium boost
Soak them in a bowl of warm olive oil every week when you do your manicure

Eat a TABLET of Jelly or Gelatin each day.

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