Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do my nails keep chipping and splitting?

My nails have always been pretty weak, and I used to work with my hands alot so I never really gave them a chance to grow. But now that I have an office job I was able to get them to grow out a bit to a classy length which I thought looked really nice, but that lasted for about 4.5 weeks and now they are worse then they have ever been. I can't get them to grow without splitting horitonally- layers come off, making them really thin and sharp. My thumb nails also break at the nail bed, much farther then I have EVER cut them and it often hurts (I have used super glue when It was really painful)

I take a calcium, vitamin e, vitamin B, fish oil and vitamin c every morning. I also have been putting on a sally hansen product that is a double duty- base coat and top coat, just to give them some strength.

Is there anything else I can do to get them to grow without splitting?

Could cheap nail polish do this to my nails?

I was putting on sally hansen nail polish and then I switched to a different color made by some unknown company- could that have an effect on my nails?

thanks for your help!Why do my nails keep chipping and splitting?
I didn't know this until i visited my doctors office but your nails reveal a lot about your health. I saw one of those health posters pinned up and weak nails and a bunch of different symptoms mean different things, go get checked up :). Luck! x]Why do my nails keep chipping and splitting?
I would get it checked if I were u.

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